Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

Posted by Cjropes @Cjropes, Dec 30, 2015

Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

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I am almost three months out from my anterior hip replacement and two weeks ago started having burning thigh pain, tingling and numbness and pain in foot. My foot on the operative side turns red after walking. I went for my checkup yesterday and my doctor told me that it was nerve pain. It can get pretty painful at times and the doc said it could take six to nine months to go away. Yikes, not looking forward to it. I am interested in your suggestion of a rehab physical therapist. My current physical therapist gives me the usual post surgery exercises. I don't know if there is such a place where I live. Did your doctor give you a referral? Did you try any medications or anything else? Just wondering what you tried before the rehab. The doc suggested massaging my thigh and hip, then if that doesn't really work, gabapentin. If the medication and massage doesn't work, nerve ablation.

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Yes, my surgeon gave me a referral. The PT clinic I used was part of a local system that provides acute care and in-patient and out-patient rehab for strokes and serious injuries. Down here where I winter, the best therapy is available at the post-stroke center, where they are used to creating individual recovery plans because every patient has different needs. Sometimes you just need to get creative to find what you need!

As for the nerve pain, yes it it SLOW to heal – think 1-2 mm a day, les than 1/2 inch per month.
When I had one damaged after a traumatic knee injury it took several months, but the sensation does get milder over time. When my hip was healing, movement, water therapy & massage were best for the nerve pain. Gabapentin didn't do a thing for me…
Good luck, and keep moving – it really does get better. Now I find it had to believe what I went through 11 years ago – I don't have to think of my his at all.



Is it possible you're suffering from sciatica? Some of the symptoms, including pain in the buttock, thigh, and lower back could be from sciatica. I'd at least ask the Dr. if it's possible, although I doubt he/she would miss something like that.

All the best. Joe

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I did off and on now nothing and going on 3 years


I had similar symptoms and I had femoral nerve damage. My surgeon seemingly pretended, though, that he had no idea what was going on with my thigh pain. My knee would buckle and in hindsight, I now know my quads were spasming. I would recommend a neurologist. I also went back on crutches immediately to not cause further damage. I found a TENS unit/ESTIM was the most effective pain reliever for my thigh pain. It took me a good 3 months to start feeling some better and a year and a half before the EMG fell into the normal range. Good luck to you – you can get a TENS unit on Amazon and it was a life safer for me.

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