Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

Posted by Cjropes @Cjropes, Dec 30, 2015

Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

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Hello! A pertinent topic in Hope to gain insight on corrective action.

Anterior THR left. Surgery ten years ago-great. Last 2 years VERY painful down thigh, Im active, only 60 but have a noticeable limp and I’m not weight bearing a few days each Mos.
My surgeon states the Femoral stem didn’t adhere properly and has adhered to scar tissue, hence now I need a posterior left THR. 2nd surgery in 10 years which I can’t yet see a benefit, nor afford? My Cleveland Clinic surgeon since retired.

Chiropractor discourages surgery and X-ray show my pelvis is clearly tilted. Much physical therapy hasn’t curtailed my pain nor limp, My shoe orthotics have proven unsuccessful for my gait. Last, Im taking a lot of Tylenol w/ Voltarin- in a quandary!

Any suggestion or experiences?


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I'm sorry to hear you are suffering - I can relate because my implants had to be redone after on 5 years - and I ended up with 3 surgeries and a lot of PT to get it right.

Yes, I do have a suggestion, actually a couple of them.

First, as to pelvic tilt, a huge percentage of the population has this - 75% of women, 85% of men. Treating pelvic tilt may or may not be successful, and may not be the source of your pain.

Second, no amount of PT, massage or other external measures is going to fix the problem you have - that the femoral stem is adhered to the wrong tissue. I do not know if there are other risks associated with it not being adhered to the femur - that is a question for an experience remedial orthopedic surgeon.

Third, when an implanted hip "goes bad", you need an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in revisions and remediation to evaluate the problem, to determine whether waiting is going to make the issue worse, and to perform the corrective surgery. Then you need orthopedic rehab PT (not typical hip replacement PT) to get your gait corrected after years of limping.

I understand your frustration, but maybe a consult can explain all of your risks and options. If the loose implant damages the femur, it is possible there could be ongoing damage that will make later revision more difficult.

And, from your screen name, it sounds like you might be a dancer - wouldn't it be nice to get on the floor again?


Good morning.
I had my left hip replaced June 29, 2021. I was recovering well from surgery for about 3 weeks, at which point I had severe pain in my thigh. I had not fallen (and still haven't yet). X-rays showed that my prothesis had slipped about 3/4" into my femur. On Aug. 17, 2021, I had hip replacement revision. My surgeon had not cemented the original prothesis in place, which I understood is relatively common, but he did cement my replacement.
Ever since the slippage, I have had pain in the mid-front of my thigh! Sometimes the pain is not as severe as other times, but it's always there! I've needed a cane to walk, and sometimes needed to revert back to using a walker a few times due to the pain.
I've undergone nerve-conductivity tests. Myofascial release and physical therapy, several injections and Rx's. I've had a Spinal Cord Stimulator put into my back which has only resulted in inconsistent relief.
The pain occurs whenever I put weight on my left leg or try to lift my leg while sitting, or moving it sideways, or catch my foot on something while walking. and so on.
It's been nearly 3 years with this pain! Any ideas on possible causes/ solutions?

Thank you!!!!


Yep. I had hip replacement 3 years ago, and hip replacement revision shortly following. Sharp pain in front side of thigh about 1/2 way between knee and hip.

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