Has anyone had Gamma Knife for a glomus jugulare benign tumor?

Posted by jmotte12 @jmotte12, Jan 1 7:10pm

I had Gamma Knife in January 2022. I am doing very well. My tumor had not shrunk at this point. I was told it could take years because a benign tumor reacts differently than a malignant tumor. Just wondering how anyone else is doing from the GKS.

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Hello @jmotte12 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I thought you may find this article interesting.

– Gamma Knife radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors: a single-center series of 75 cases: https://thejns.org/view/journals/j-neurosurg/126/5/article-p1488.xml#:~:text=Glomus%20jugulare%20tumors%20are%20rare,for%20these%20often%20formidable%20lesions.

You are one year out from your GKS. When is your next follow up to see if you have any improvement to the size of your tumor?


Hi @jmotte12, I add my welcome. You may wish to connect with @sharik and other members in this related discussion:
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Did you have Gamma at Mayo. Was it with a frame or mask.


Did you have Gamma at Mayo. Was it with a frame or mask.

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@vermont10, I believe your question was directed to @jmotte12, who I've tagged here to make sure they receive it.

Vermont, will you be having gammaknife at Mayo Clinic soon?

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