Has anyone had a revised hip replacement due to a dental abscess?

Posted by longhorn1 @longhorn1, Feb 24 12:45pm

I am three years post hip replacement, and always take an antibiotic at the time of any dental work. However, at this time, I may have a dental infection or abscess, which will be resolved shortly. I am wondering if I should take the antibiotic now a few days before the procedure.

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@longhorn1 That would be an excellent question to address to your dentist and your primary care doc.

Recently I had a bad laceration, leading to several stitches. Due to my hip implants, the ER doc immediately prescribed 7 days of oral antibiotics as a precaution. At 14 days, the wound showed signs of being infected, so I was given 7 more days of a different antibiotic, plus and antibiotic salve and told to see my own doctor in 10 days. The wound was not completely healed so my physician ordered 10 more days of a third antibiotic, plus continuing the topical meds. If it is not fully healed by next week (6 weeks from the wound date) I will be referred to a wound specialist.
He stressed that the danger of remote infection is small but very real, and "nothing to mess with."
Have you called either the doctor or dentist for advice?

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