has anybody used epoetin alfa (Procrit)

Posted by dell @dell060969, Aug 31, 2017

my husband has RAEB and was recently put on Procrit. Does anyone have any experience with this drug for any of the MDS diseases? Am especially interested in the dosage, side effects and how often you had to get bloodwork done. As always, thanks for your wellcome input.

Hello @dell060969,

I apologize for the delay in my response. I would like to invite a few members who have used procrit, albeit for different reasons than MDS, to share their experience with side effects from procrit. @chattykathy, you mentioned taking a shot of procrit for anemia, did you experience any side effects? I would also like to invite @tomr to share his experience with procrit as he took it for kidney issues for 6 months.

@dell060969, how has your husband been doing on procrit for the last few weeks?


Justin, thx for asking. Cant tell how much good procrit has done yet, about to start the injections twice a week and will update when I see a difference. Some have suggested it could take months.


Hello all. I took Procrit for severe anemia resulting from autoimmune attack effecting my kidneys. This was approximately eleven years ago. I was on Procrit injections for the better part of a year at three month intervals. I had no side effects from the injections but the results were good. I have a note on my lab results written by nephrologist that said “better on Procrit” referring to my RBC. Naturally my insurance company questioned its usage and required additional justification.


Thanks for your input, hubby been on it about 6 wks on weekly basis. Doc today says to increase injections to twice a week, we are so hopeful it will stimulate his red blood cells. I read from someone on another patient forum that if insurance declines, the shots run about $175 each. OUCH.

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