Handling Computer Work

Posted by seathink @seathink, Dec 12, 2022

Hi everyone, I've been following this group for a while since I got diagnosed with radiation-induced brachial plexus neuropathy (that conversation got moved over to the breast cancer side group because it's a extremely rare side effect from radiation). My radiologist has thrown the book at it, so to speak, so I'm doing a lot better than I was last year but problems remain.

I'm left with whole arm tingling which feels like my arm is waking up from being asleep, but I don't register it as pain, so I'm happy about that.

My main problem is that my right fingers have lost sensitivity and are numb and cold most of the time.

How are you guys handling computer work? I'm 40 and work professionally as an accountant but doing 10 key with my right hand or typing is pretty difficult. I found some great excel shortcuts and I've switched over to a left-handed 10 key, but my accuracy is way down and the typingakes the tingling intensity.

I have an ergonomic keyboard that I should be able to learn how to do one handed if need be but the learning curve is really slowand I don't have time to be typing 12 wpm.

Any tips and tricks people have to make typing more accurate and easier? I can do voice to text for my cell phone but I can't really do voice to text for Excel spreadsheets and quickbooks.

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Hi @seathink, I also have neuropathy but am still able to manage the keyboard fairly well. I do have issues with the mouse due to shaky hand frequently. I use a palm rest at the bottom of my keyboard that helps me keep my fingers in the correct position and helps me type. I did find a couple of articles that you might find helpful:

— Avoid Pain At Work With These 8 Simple Changes To Your Work Station:
— Advice From A Hand Therapist: Workstation Ergonomics:
— Working Together: Computers and People with Sensory Impairments:
Voice to text didn't work so well on my computer but I also use it once in awhile on my phone. What has helped me as much as anything was exercising the hands. This video has some suggestions that might be helpful if you want to give it a try.

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