Hand numbness

Posted by sardee1231 @sardee1231, Jul 14, 2022

Hi everyone.
Back in 2019 I seen a provider for neck pain. Over the 2 year course I did PT and seen a chiro with rehab and trigger point injections.
The neck pain never fully went away. I had random occasional bilateral hand numbness that happens mostly in the evenings / night (not while sleeping) but it’s been happening daily now.
I have hyperactive reflexes, along with muscle weakness.

Starting in 2020 I would get these random episodes of dizziness, sweating profusely with nausea / vomiting and sometimes bowel movements.

Trying to get in to see a neurologist or endocrinologist to figure out the problem.

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@sardee1231 Hello and welcome to Connect. May I ask you for some further detail about your symptoms?

When did your neck pain begin? Did you have an injury or a whiplash? Have you lost muscle mass or muscle tone in your arms or on the back of your arms or shoulders? Do your hands get cold or turn colors? Do you have pain in your arms too or in other places like the shoulder blade? Look at yourself standing sideways to a mirror. Look at your head position; is it forward or does it line up directly over your shoulder? Are your shoulders in line with your body or are they forward? Does your entire hand go numb and what position is your arm in when this happens. Is it just part of your hand that goes numb or has pain, if so, which fingers or which side of your hand?

Have been seen by a neurologist or spine specialist before?

I know I've asked a lot of questions here, but for good reason. I am a cervical spine surgery patient and I also have a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome which most doctors miss. I may be able to help you pinpoint issues to discuss with your doctors and questions to ask that can help get them focused.

Do you have a scheduled appointment with a neurologist?

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