Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) due to ADT: Can it be prevented

Posted by jimrpadtsrt @jimrpadtsrt, Aug 24, 2023

I will begin ADT (six-month dosage) and Salvage Radiation Therapy shortly due to recently detectible PSA and rising PSA after 6 years of undetectable PSA post Radical Prostatectomy.

I am concerned about this possible side effect of the ADT therapy and what the percentage of occurrence.
I understand it is permanent and breast reduction surgery is the only after the fact possible remedy which may have less than satisfactory results.
I also understand the preventative measures may be available, such as radiation of the nipples prior to beginning of hormone therapy or possibly dosages of Ferma (letrozole).

Have you experienced the same concerns, and/or experienced this condition due to ADT? What are if any possible preventions that you are aware of?

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I started noticing breast enlargement after a couple of months of a ADT and Lupron. My oncologist advised me (after I inquired about it) that I could receive three days of low-dose radiation of the breast area and potentially stop it in it’s tracks. He scheduled the radiation treatment. It was fast and simple for three days, and I’ve had no problems since. I would highly recommend this treatment before you start your doses of Lupron! The radiologist that did my treatments commented that it’s too bad that most Oncologists fail to recommend this prior to starting ADT and/or Lupron so it wouldn’t be a problem from the “get go“!

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