One kidney left: Any tips on diet? Testing required?

Posted by sade96 @sade96, Jan 16 6:38pm

What should I eat & what supplements/herbs should I be taking? Also what is the best blood work to have done besides the standard “GFR”

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I would recommend Cystatin C in addition to eGFR. This test, from what I am told by my nephrologist, confirms eGFR and provides a better marker for predictability of future possible cardiac or CKD damage. Stay away from herbs/supplements unless given the green light by your doctor. Please follow up with a team of docs like your PCP, nephrologist, dietitian, and others. Get blood tests as frequently as you can, perhaps every 6 to 12 weeks by your PCP. I am not sure if having only one kidney after a transplant has more restrictions so your transplant team and nephrologist can give you more guidance. You may also wish to review the comments at the kidney/bladder group at Mayo Connect as we cover most topics on kidney health. If you gave a kidney to another, thank you. If you received a new kidney as a result of disease, this forum along with your doc will help you manage your long new life ahead.

Lastly, in addition to eGFR, Cystatin C tests, and whatever else your your doc recommends, try to establish a trend with your lab values. Any one lab test can cause happiness or dismay, but it is the trend of those lab values for the long run that really matters.

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