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Posted by mjay @mjay, Oct 16, 2020

I have been doing a lot of reading/studying, and have come to realize more than ever that diet and gut health are key to getting toxins out of the body that may be involved in creating cancer. I have been dealing with gut issues approx. 3 years now and was seeking help from functional medical doctors who help search for the root cause, rather than prescribing a pill to hide the symptoms. My stool analysis indicated a high level of beta-glucuronidase, which is a marker that indicates you may be susceptible to increased chance of colon or breast cancer. Lo and behold, I was diagnosed with cancer 1.5 years after this test and my gut was still not improved. I've more recently learned that the beta-glucuronidase marker increases when the detoxification pathways of the liver are not removing toxins/pathogens but rather recirculating the toxins through the body. This can happen as a result of gut dysbiosis caused by antibiotics, NSAIDs, etc. I had reflux and SIBO and Leaky Gut and some other issues I'm still dealing with in my gut that have yet to be addressed, but I think I've made a bit of a breakthrough in this discovery that diet and gut health and detoxing the liver are so important in possibly preventing cancer and/or its return. I want to put this out there for anyone who may be helped. I don't have all the answers yet as there is so much info out there, but I am searching feverishly for more answers. In the meantime, keeping your liver healthy through proper "liver healthy" diet and detoxing as necessary might be helpful.

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I recommend David Servin=Schrieber's "Anti-Cancer", which, though not specifically about these issues, lays out an incredible amount of information about diet and its impact on cancer diagnosis and recurrence. It is also beautifully written. As a former high school English teacher and journalist, I love the way he writes.


Out of curiosity, following your initial stool analysis indicating a high-level of beta-glucuronidase, did you get a colonoscopy and mammogram? Did the colonoscopy indicate any worrisome polyps or abnormal tissue?


I did not have a colonscopy after learning of the high beta-glucuronidase, but recently I had one and I had two polyps that were benign but could turn cancerous. I have mammograms and ultrasounds annually and had them a couple months before the stool analysis and they saw nothing and I had another set the following year I found a lump approx. six months after the second mammo/US. I have questions whether or not something was missed as it was lobular and as such trickier to detect.


This is key to overall health especially cancer! Thank you for posting this. I am also of the mindset that our health starts in our gut.

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