Follow up after proton beam treatment: GREAT PSA NUMBER

Posted by mwspro @mwspro, Jun 1 8:42am

After I finished my last Proton Beam treatment for Prostate Cancer Jan 21,2020, I had my first PSA test last week May 28, 2020, and PRAISE THE LORD, it was .26 !!!! I was told
Anything under 2.00 is OK . The Dr tells me I Will have a PSA TEST approximately every 6 months now
for 5 years. Basically I had very few side effects
Until the last 5 treatments out of 20, then I had
Burning when urinating, and Constipation.
Those effects when away after 5 weeks. I am
very thankful for DR CHOO and his staff at MAYO CLINIC Rochester, and that I had the opportunity to have Proton Beam Treatment.


That's great news. I finished my proton beam therapy January 2019. Since then I've had 3 PSA tests, all negligible. Each is a time to celebrate. I've learned to appreciate every day of being cancer free. My ADT was completed in April. So, now we will see what happens as my testosterone level returns to normal.


I had Proton Beam treatment at Loma Linda in 2005. My PSA went down then after a few years it had a bump up. then down and out. What are side effects?


Have you had additional treatment since 2005? If not, it seems unlikely that you would be still be experiencing side-effects. That said, radiation therapy can contribute to secondary cancer due to possible damage to bodily areas exposed to radiation near your prostate during your 2005 treatment for cancer. One example is bladder cancer. An ostensible advantage to proton therapy is that it lessens this exposure. However, in the end, radiation is radiation. A blip in PSA levels over time isn't unusual after treatment. However, it's definitely something to track to see that the cancer hasn't recurred. In sum, you need to visit your physician to gain a medical perspective on what you're experiencing, determine the cause and take action if needed.

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