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Posted by @ellencmb, Jul 18, 2011

My husband is in his final week of treatment for glioblastoma. He has been receiving radiation and the chemo drug, Temadar. Has anyone had a treatment like this, and what was the result? Thanks



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Posted by @holcombk, Nov 6, 2011

My husband just had his last radiation treatment this past friday. I would love to hear how your husband is doing and how he reacted to the treatment. Everyone we have talked to says that this is the best form of treatment. Where is your husbands tumor located? I hope we can discuss this. There are not very many of us out there.


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Posted by @stevehartzler, Nov 10, 2011

My mother (73 years old now) had a large glioblastoma tumor removed in September 2008. She went through radiation and Temodar. The tumor is still “stable” now, no signs of growth. The radiation had a major impact on some of her cognitive functions. For example, she has a terrible memory now for dates, times of the day, etc. So she needs to keep appointments written down on her calendar. Her ability to focus and her reaction time have been affected to the extent that she’ll never be able to drive again. But she is able to cook, kayak, snowshoe, do crosswords, teach music to children, and even perform sometimes. (She’s a singer.)

She’s down to 3 MRI’s a year. The doctors said that if this next MRI is good, then next year we’ll just do 2, and if the tumor remains stable we’ll just do 1 MRI a year after that.

Their only explanation for the lack of tumor growth is “Some people respond better to treatment.” Obviously we don’t know either, but our guess is that it’s at least partly due to her healthy diet. Low sugar, low carbs, lots of vegetables (mostly organic), no fastfood, almost no processed food, etc.

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