Glioblastoma grade 4 thalmic tumor unresectable

Posted by loriaward @loriaward, Feb 19 10:00am

Jan 12th, we thought my 62 y.o husband had a mikd stroke with left side hemiparesis. After scans showing a basal ganglia tumor, he was transported to Barnes Jewish hospital in St Louis, Missouri where he had more tests. They performed a stereotactic biopsy bc it was determined the risk of removing the tumor had a 90% chance of paralyzing him. After the biopsy, he has all function of his left arm, leg and it also affected his speech. We transported him back home to begin acute inpatient rehab while waiting for the pathology reports. He was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma wild card? He begins radiation this week, along with temodar. Does anyone have experience with thalanic tumors or hemiparesis? His tumor is 2.5 cm. I prefer to be as prepared with the what to expect as we start this. He is diabetic, stage 3 renal failure and we're now at home as insurance wouldn't allow him to stay in acute rehab while doing soc. We've got our legal affairs in order, appropriate poa papers are signed and modified our home for his care. We are just trying to process the diagnosis while searching for what to expect,especially regarding symptoms, what to watch for, how to balance quality of life with quantity of life, finances, being a full time caregiver, how to help improve his mindset and stay upbeat. He is determined to fight and we will support him in anything he chooses. Any advice, experiences, help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello Everyone
A few weeks ago my VA doctors informed me that the tumor on my brain if they were to do the surgery that there’s a possibility that I will not survive the surgery? I’m looking for a second opinion and just waiting for the paperwork from VA to identify what an where this problem is and why it’s threatening my life this way?

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That’s good you are getting a 2nd opinion..


Thank you for reminding me not to argue. I am so glad I found this site. My husband has battled Glioblastoma stage 4 for exactly one year. We are 72years.
Surgery, 6 weeks radiation following 5 day a month Temodar. He has stable results on blood and MRI-
Last three months moderate to debilitating depression - He is so depressed - very sad… his brain seems to get worse and worse. He feels
“Useless” “stupid”
He is also very very tired.
I don't know the cause of depression / extreme tired because all his tests look @good?” ?? drugs , radiation glioma or what??
He is taking Brupropin for depression- they bumped in a little Zofran at bedtime -
I am confused and i suppose wishful thinking that he would be able to extend his life and not have to suffer .
Does anyone have a better experience with a antidepressant? Drs have told me we have to wait at least 2 more weeks to try a different medication.
He has strong faith but he is being tempted and riddled with anxiety worry and sadness.
If you pray - please pray for him - his name is Peter. Thank you from MaryBeth

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@marybeths, depression is not uncommon with serious illness. It may be due to dealing with the reality of serious illness and/or the brain tumor itself. It sounds like his cancer team is aware of his mental state and have offered medications that can and should help.

Sometimes it can also help to talk with someone. I might suggest asking for a consult with an oncology social worker. Here's more information about what onology social work provides:
- How an Oncology Social Worker Can Help

MaryBeth, how are you doing? Do you have the support you need?

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