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Getting Off of Omeprazole

Posted by @nightngale1998, Jun 26, 2018

Hi there: Has anyone had success in weaning off of Omeprazole? I take it for GERD. Thank you in advance!



Unfinished continued….to determine if hiatal surgery is required. I am looking for a way get away from the long term use of PPI and HHC medication due to the research-based data strongly suggesting to do so. This seems like a nightmare to eventually resolve the pain and other issues stemming from these disorders…..ugh

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If I understand you correctly your still having heartburn despite PPIs and H2 blockers. That's where I was the last 3 yrs. I was even doing OTC antacids and Carafate liquid.
A pH study is pointless because you're already having pain despite meds. You're refluxing.
Has an endoscopy shown if your lower esophageal sphincter stays open? An esophogram/barium swallow would show how badly you're refluxing and how large a hiatal hernia you may or may not have.
Also, a motility study would determine how well your esophagus is working. This particular study is crucial for the determination of eligibility for the LINX procedure.
As long as you have Barrett's no acid should touch your esophagus. It's an even higher cancer risk.

Just make sure you mega dose on B12 ie methyl cobalamine. After 2-3yrs of PPI use liver stores of B12 are depleted and that can cause a host of other issues down the road. PPI use raises the pH of the stomach so protein bound B12 from food can't bind to intrinsic factor and get absorded in the gut. The gut will passively absord 1% of nonprotein bound B12 which is supplements are a good option.
Just ask the right questions and the Drs will figure it out. It's imperative you self advocate though. Never be the passive patient.

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@kelandjim This is of great of interest to me since I take 20mg of omeprazole daily, and one of my greatest fears is Alzheimer’s or dementia. I googled and found a few articles that say the latest findings indicate that PPIs do not contribute to dementia. I sure hope they are correct.


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I agree, I hope those newer findings are correct. I am now down to 40mg of omeprozole every 3rd or 4th day with a Zantac when needed. It's slow going to get off. I tried too quickly in the beginning and the rebound was awful. Fingers crossed for good outcomes for all of us.

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My husband weaned off over
Months by replacing one day(Sunday) a week with ranitidine for a month then replacing two days a week, Sunday and Weds for a month, then the next month sun, weds, Friday and so on.

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