get help for a family member who is having mental problems

Posted by lindani41 @lindani41, Mar 27 1:23pm

How do I go about getting help for a family member who is having mental problems? He is a patient at Mayo for his asthma but I don't know the name of his primary doctor. Family strongly feels that he needs a medication change and some therapy. I think he would do this if a doctor suggested it but he won't make the effort himself. Who can I talk to to get help started for him? Because of the privacy laws I cannot just call his doctor even if I knew who it was. Please give me advice on how I ca get help!

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@lindani41 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It is admirable to try to help your family member. Do you know what holds him back from taking the steps himself for medication and therapy? Perhaps if you or other family speak to him, he might take the initiative, when you explain you cannot do it for him. Remember, a patient must decide that this is a good course of action. That in itself can be quite a step forward, and also scary, admitting being vulnerable and needing help! If he has had help in the past that did not work out, he could be recalling that. Or, if he has not had any experience getting help, he may not realize the value of it.

Another thing that might be beneficial is to attend an appointment with him at Mayo, as a family member. Then you might be able to bring up the concerns right then, in front of the doctor. Do you think that might work?

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