Gelsolin Basal Cell with Encephalopathy

Posted by oldkarl @oldkarl, Sep 5, 2021

My Gelsolin-produced Basal Cell on my ear seems to possibly be the root cause of at least some of my forms of encephalopathy, in various areas of my brain (9, 24, others) cerebral sections. Anyway, does anyone on this line have similar issues? My surgeon cut a section out of my ear a couple weeks ago, and coming Wednesday he will cut more off until he thinks he has it all. But the bit question: How far might he have to cut? I might need some of that, you know. And some sources say it will probably grow back in the same area, or spread into the brain itself. Anyone have any experience with this? AND anyone else have Gelsolin (GSN or AGEL, also called Finnish Amyloidosis, or many other names) tied to Fukatin Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy with Walker-Warburg mutation? OMIM and HPO both tie them together.

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My goodness, @oldkarl. That sounds like a good news-bad news scenario. Good that the connection between basal cell carcinoma and its possible root cause of encephalopathy. But not so great that part of your ear has to be cut away. Best of luck on Wednesday.

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