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Gastroparesis, any body have any suggestions about diet?

Posted by @bellbelinda3 in Digestive Health, Jan 30, 2012

I was recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Can anyone enlighten me about diet?


Posted by @nuni0209, Mar 1, 2012

I'm on a very soft food diet w some success. Eating alot of soup yogurt grits fish etc. Eating smaller meals more frequently. No pop or carbonated beverages and I try to stay caffeine free! I also new at this and keeping a food journal has helped. Good luck to u! It's not easy but is better then many alternatives .


Posted by @kristine777, Apr 13, 2012

Thanks. I wil l start a food journal. You are right caffeine worsens condition. Any other helpful tips would be nice.


Posted by @sigtau88, Mar 14, 2012

I just got diagnosed with this as well. Actually just returned home from the Mayo Clinic today. Before I left for my flight today I had an appointment with the Dietician at the Mayo Clinic. I felt it was very informative. She gave me a lot of references and a few web pages. One even has a lot of daily food examples and recipes. I am not sure exactly what you would want but I would be happy to share. Thanks


Posted by @maggie1950, Apr 3, 2012

I have recently been diagnosed with Gastroparesis and am struggling with foods to eat. I am doing smaller meals and have gone gluten free due to a gluten sensitivity found during some testing. I am having problems with constipation without the high fiber foods. Did the dietician suggest low fiber? Thanks.


Posted by @kristine777, Apr 13, 2012

yes. Take fiber supplements.


Posted by @maggie1950, Apr 14, 2012

Thanks Kristine. I am taking Metamucil 1x per day but saw that that can contribute to the development of bezoars?


Posted by @justjane, Apr 20, 2012

Try Align, a Probiotic. You can get it t Sam's or Cosco. Stay away from popcorn, nuts, anything with seeds, and make it about texture of food, not spice. Low fiber, six small a day. I hope this helps.


Posted by @katmandoo, Jun 25, 2012

I was told to not eat any fruits, vegetables,(unless they are baby food) nuts & high fiber foods. These are hard to digest. I just recently had a gastric pacemaker implanted & it has helped my stomach to work.


Posted by @nan2, Jun 11, 2013

In addition to diet, it is important to keep your stress level low.

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