Frustrated and still no diagnosis

Posted by LAL7792 @lal7792, Mar 13, 2012

Hello everyone, I am new here and been having issues for two years now with extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. I have had extensive testing performed by every specialist you can imagine and still have no diagnosis of what is wrong with me. It has been suggested by a few specialists that I should go to the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins. I'm afraid that I'll be wasting my time and money and they will just test me for all of the same things again. Anyone know of anyone else who has these symptoms and have no diagnosis? Everyone says that my symptoms are so vague it could be a million things but that's not helping with how I'm feeling.

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Sounds to me like low vitamin D3 levels. Check out this site, which specializes in reporting about the medical ailments associated with obtaining too little vitamin D:


i have tried taking powdered magnesium, along with the calcium magnesium tablets and have found some energy coming back. check on the internet about what low magnesium can do to you. hope this is some help.


Hi, I went to Mayo after I was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome, it's an autoimmune disease.I had never heard of it and wanted to make sure I had the correct diagnosis. I didn't feel well for about 10 years. Even had a dr. tell me it was all in my head. You need to go to Mayo and keep trying to find out what is wrong. Please don't give up. You just need the right dr. to figure out what is wrong. Mayo was great. My drs. were very knowledgeable,listened to me, and were willing to work with my doctors back home. I was there 3 days. The appts. were scheduled quickly and there was no wasted time. I was impressed with the efficiency. Good luck .

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i was tested at least twenty times for lyme disease including several times at mayo clinic, after researching the test they use for lyme disease I found out that eighty percent of the time it comes back negative whether you have it or not. The western blot is the only test that along with your symptoms will tell you if you have lyme or not, also see a lyme specific Dr. If it comes back positive because you need to get checked for about ten Co infections that you can also get from a tick bite. Many of them cause all of your blood tests to run low like vit. D, thyroid, testostirone in men and entrygine in women. If you cannot find a doc to get you the western blot test the right way let me know and I might be able to steer you in the right direction.

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