Friend with type 1 not following insulin regimen to lose weight

Posted by sclandry @sclandry, Apr 22, 2020

My 21 year old friend with type 1 diabetes, who has a past with diabulimia, but had done a lot better for a few years, recently cut out short acting insulin and is now relying solely on one long acting insulin injection a day. I'm very worried because this doesn't seem safe or healthy and I don't want her to get really sick, cause damage, or go into DKA and maybe die. She hates whenever anyone talks to her about taking care of her diabetes and won't listen so I can't really do anything about it right now unless I have more information and a reason to intervene. Will she be okay with just the long acting insulin?

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Hi @sclandry and welcome to Connect. I see you are very worried and don't want your friend to get sick. I have a few friends with type 1 diabetes so I can only imagine the stress it would cause. I would like to tag a couple of people, @cehunt57 @2011panc and @gailb that are living with type 1 diabetes. We aren't doctors and can't offer medical advice, but support, experience and opinions are abundant.

Do you think that your friend is attempting diabulimia again? Has she exhibited any signs of weight loss or diabetic ketoacidosis like excessive thirst, frequent urination, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, Shortness of breath, fruity-scented breath or confusion that you have noticed?


The problem can be the same as other denial illnesses, when the person quits the program and doesn't take proper care of herself. I saw this with a friend at church who collapsed during the service and it was later found that she had quit her insulin but she knew better. She was a college graduate and a responsible teacher and ended up in the hospital. We couldn't reason with her at all. She never went back to work again. Diabetes can affect the reasoning abilities of the mind, as well as the eyes, ears, and general energy level. My husband laughed at his diabetes and his eating. He is deceased. Dorisena

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