Forteo weight gain…anyone experience this?

Posted by penk0213 @penk0213, Apr 16 6:15am

I have gained weight recently at the 3 month mark of using Forteo. It is not listed as a side effect.

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I have certainnly experienced weight gain in a very short amount of time. However I have also experienced many side effcts from about the 3 week mark. Side effects I can find zero info about. Most concerning and odd was a drastic negative change to my cholesterol numbers ini a a 3 week span of time!. Sky high in such a short time and no other medication changes. I cannot find any literature on the subject. I have been unlucky enough to be able to check off all the other side effects they warn about however. Everything from bone/joint pain etc etc. I now have horrible instability and have had several bad falls in that short time as well. Seems rather unproductive for fragile bones!
I have certainly heard of others with weight gain but see no mention in any medical literature about it or the cholesterol concerns.

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