Foot pain

Posted by cgm @cgm, May 27 9:56am

Hello all. I haven’t been able to find another thread on this, but apologize if there is.
Does anyone experience severe foot pain? One of my first symptoms of PMR was feeling as if my feet were on fire. It was relieved with prednisone, but three years on I’m almost tapered off and the pain has returned. If you have experienced it, has anything helped? With my prednisone taper, I also find that squatting is difficult, which has never been an issue as I’m an active Crossfitter. Thanks for any input!

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Hi @cgm, Sorry to hear you are experiencing severe foot pain. I had a bad case of gout in one of my feet the first time I was diagnosed with PMR but it was treated with colchicine and that took care of it fairly fast and then I just had the PMR pain to manage. If I read your description correctly it's like a burning pain in both feet which sounds more like a symptom of neuropathy. There are quite a few members who have posted about burning feet. Here's a link to the discussions and comments that you might want to scan through to see if it's similar to yours -

Is the pain with you 24x7 or does it seem to be worse at night?


Thank you for the links. It is most days and usually the whole sole of the feet. But also sometimes feels like I’m walking on glass. Fire and glass! lol. Not a good feeling. Again, thank you for directing me to other threads.


I have had a tingling and somewhat of a numb feeling in my feet since PMR. But who knows. Try to hold course on your taper. After 3 yrs it will not be easy. The lack of cortisol will mimic the PMR pain and inflammation. There is life after prednisone. Plenty of Vitamin C . B vitamins. An anti-inflammatory called Boswellia. Other drugs that help if the PMR is acting up Acterma and Kevzara. They do not help with Cortisol.

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