Foods that help reduce amount of urine?

Posted by mikekl @mikekl, Jan 20, 2023

Hi. Dealing with OAB and hoping to find a list of foods proven to reduce the amount of urine produced. For me, nights are the hardest... getting up a million times is very draining (pun intended).
There are lots of articles about the opposite (i.e. increasing the volume), or about foods to avoid, but has anyone found any foods that actually seem to lessen the volume?
I have already been down the medication route, now looking for other options.

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Welcome @mikekl, While we wait for other members to share their experience on a food list to reduce the amount of urine produced, I thought I would share an article on the topic that might be helpful if you haven't already seen it.

"What foods reduce frequent urination?
Almonds, oats, pears, raspberries lentils and beans are all good options when you want to add more fiber into your diet. Fruits – while some fruits, especially citrus, can irritate the bladder, it's still important to incorporate them into your diet."
-- The Overactive Bladder Diet:

Have you seen a urologist to see if they have some suggestions other than medications that will help?


Looks like a great article, thanks. And yes, I have a urologist.

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