Foley Catheter Discomfort: How do you walk comfortably?

Posted by cent66 @cent66, Aug 3, 2022

Have the foley catheter. Can't seem to find comfort in walking, the drain tube moves ever so slightly with each pace and gives me extreme pain. I am comfortable sitting down, but when I walk it just aches terribly. I have tried the STAY LOCK, sort of arrangement to keep the tubing tight against body., but still not good. Is the problem the mounting of the tubes to the leg, or could it possibly be a change on the type of underwear you would wear... boxers, briefs, tight against body, loose against body. Open to suggestions, just cannot keep the tubing from moving in the meatus area...very painful. Thoughts??

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Mayo Clinic store has all the supplies you need to be comfortable. I had Foley for 2 years and suprapubic for 1 year. There are elastic leg straps that attach to the tube and go around upper thigh to hold it in place. Buy some 3m white paper tape and also tape the catheter with some slack to your lower tummy. I had no discomfort at all. The store can help you.


Depends makes a light shield. I had one those to add some protection from underwear moving and the irritation.


My dad search for the same thing, too, He was using the anchors for tubing. But they get wet and not work has well. He explained of what's going on. What we found that large soft cloth velcro that fits through the slots on the top and bottom, It is helping a lot better. It stay more in place and secure for him while his movement through out the day. He not complaining anymore. Always looking for the best item/s. Good luck!

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