What were your first signs of endometrial cancer?

Posted by Helen, Volunteer Mentor @naturegirl5, Jun 21, 2022

What symptoms did you have that led you to your physician before you received a diagnosis of endometrial cancer?

I had entered menopause more than a decade ago so menstruation was done. I discovered vaginal blood one morning. When it happened again a few days later I realized that something was going on but I didn't suspect cancer. I just knew this wasn't normal. I made an appointment with a gynecologist. Within a few weeks I began having cramps like I used to have when I first started my period as an adolescent. By then I was already under the care of the gynecologist who did a D&C and that's when the endometrial cancer was diagnosed.

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I was in my garden and I thought I sat in a puddle because we had recently had rain. When I discovered it was blood, not water, I googled "post menopausal bleeding" and called the doctor the next day. He tried to grab tissue in his office & it was just too painful. D&C surgery is how they found the cancer and all he said after the surgery was "there was a lot of blood". So began the journey in July 2021. I hope this helps.


Thank you and I didn’t have chemotherapy for uterine cancer and had a radical hysterectomy it’s very rare for it to come back but it came back and I was diagnosed last November with cancer of the Omentum (also very rare) I’ve had chemotherapy for that.. I found the acupuncture very helpful..

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How did you know - signs and symptoms- that you had omentum cancer?


@shivey That must have been a huge shock after the hysterectomy for uterine cancer that was diagnosed Stage 1a. Are you finished with the chemotherapy? How was the acupuncture helpful to you?

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Thank you and yes it was massive shock.. I finished chemotherapy about 1 month ago, I had 6 sessions and I’ll have a laparoscopy some time next month.. and then I’ll see my oncologist every 3 months for CT scans and checkups. Re acupuncture I really like the therapist and feel it is very good.. I relax completely.. my therapist is also a herbalist and has great herbs


Woke up one morning to see some bleeding and as I was 68 at the time I knew instinctively it was not a good sign, had a D & C and then it was diagnosed, had a radical hysterectomy then..

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