First chemo tomorrow--tips, suggestions, cautions?

Posted by ncteacher @ncteacher, Apr 23 11:04am

I'll do my first chemo tomorrow (Mon 4/24)–modified FOLFIRINOX, with all the additional meds and the infusion pump coming home with me for a couple of days afterward. I've been told that because I did well during chemo for ovarian back in 2007, I should do well with this. But I admit I'm nervous. I've already packed a bag with stuff to take with us, and I am going to try icing during oxaliplatin (I'd really like to minimize cold neuropathy in my mouth and throat). For those of you who've done this chemo regimen, are there any tips, suggestions or cautions you might share to make things easier? I'd appreciate hearing them. Thank you in advance!

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I forgot to mention this in my previous post. I hope you're wrapping up warm to help ward off chills. I've had chills as well. Our daytime temps are 80 to low 80s, and we're running the air conditioner indoors. Meanwhile, I'm wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt, T-shirt underneath and long pants. I look weird outside in the warmth, but it feels good. I also keep plenty of blankets around, including a large Polartec one.

I had something else I was going to mention, but…I forgot. Chemo brain! 🙂

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Yes I get chills also & I live in the California desert. It has been a chilly spring so far. Summer is coming though. I can feel it! I always have a blanket close by & take a light sweater wherever I go.


My oncologist said definitely no pre-icing with Oxaliplatin. I was bummed because I had already purchased the socks & gloves & had them chillin! I wore the socks on the drive to the infusion center & have no neuropathy in my feet but my fingers have lots of tingling. I did not wear the gloves. I am using a Boiron homeopathic remedy called Kali Phosphoricum for the tingling & it is definitely working to take away that tingling in my fingers, like within 10 minutes. It does come back but the nurse practitioner told me to not take this because they have no idea if it interferes with the chemo. Bummer because it has been really helping me! You have to take a few pellets when it returns but it goes away so fast. I read that it interferes with steroids though so maybe not a good idea? The NP then told me they can lower the Oxaliplatin dose if it’s causing too much tingling. I am going to ask for less next infusion.


@frygirl777 , Why did your onco nix the pre-icing before Oxaliplatin?

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