Anyone have trouble with fingers splitting, cracking, bleeding?

Posted by amykyall @amykyall, May 23, 2022

Does anyone have trouble with their fingers constantly splitting then cracking, bleeding, drying up and repeating the same thing over and over again? This has been going on with my right thumb and my dermatologist has given me one script after another it still hasn't healed and she said it's caused by Covid, which the first time I had problems with my legs.

The second one is has anyones fingers started getting numb, tingly, burning, aching, all of a sudden? Mine did and now they are doing it when I'm sleeping, trying to relax etc. I don't know what caused it? Covid?

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Hi, I maybe can help with the first part of your post with the tips of the fingers cracking, bleeding. It’s so painful, I know! It has nothing to do with Covid but everything to do with dry skin. I was a dental assisted for 30+ years, plus an artist and master seamstress for a costume designer, I also work with paper, which is really drying to the skin.
Dry fingertips were a bane to my existence. Try squeezing safety-pins with sore thumbs. Youch! Many of my friends who are in the same fields of interest as I am, experience the split fingers too, and this was well before Covid.

Keeping the fingertips well moisturized has made all the difference for me. One cream in particular has been my go-to for years! Okeeffe’s Working Hands moisturizing cream. I buy the cream instead of the lotion, it’s firmer and in a round container. I rub it into my fingertips right before going to bed. It keeps my fingertips soft and those cracks don’t form. I haven’t had any episodes for several years!
One thing I found for the cracks that help, while you have them, is an application of Liquid Skin. It helps put a temporary covering over the crack. You can also try putting antibiotic ointment on the fingertip, then keep covered with a bandaid until it heals. But the best way is prevention and that is keeping those fingertips moisturized.

Do you have this happen in the summer or just in the winter when it’s dry?


I added magnesium to my supplements which seemed to heal my hands after suffering with the issue for many years!


So sorry that you are struggling with those issues, makes it very painful and difficult for everyday multiple normal basic activities. My issue started with an acute onset of ingrown fingernails which in my 50 yes to date never experienced, then nail plate changes, to skin growing over nails from top over top of nailed, then Raynaud's, and yes tingling, numb, and hypersensitive to cold/hot.

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