Finding a great specialist for hearing loss: Who should I see?

Posted by sjd324 @sjd324, Aug 28, 2019

I live in Louisville,KY and have sudden sensorineural hearing loss. I’m 36 days from when it occurred and have been told I have only 60 days to get my hearing back. I’ve had MRI and MRA and oral steroids to no avail. Who should I go see now?

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@sjd324, Welcome to Mayo Connect from another Kentuckian. In one of the Hearing Loss Discussions a member mentioned the following website for the Kentucky branch of HLAA –

Here is the link to the original discussion for you to view and meet other members who might be able to assist you.

@edschickel, Do you have any information to share with @sjd324?

Sjd324, In Louisville, you have access to some top level care. Have you checked with specialists at UofL or another of the major medical facilities there?
I hope that you find the answers that you want and need.


Although Louisville has many wonderful audiologists and Instrument specialists, I am most familiar with University Audiologists and Heuser Hearing Institute. Both have medical doctors connected to their programs.


I live in CT and got excellent results visiting an audiologist at UCONN. I would try getting an appointment with someone at a University there if they have an audiology program. You sometimes must wait, so I would explain your situation so they might see you sooner. I hope you find someone who can help you. Let us know how you do.


My experience with hearing aid audiologists in the last 15 years has been extremely frightful. I found that each one had one company's products and did not talk about other hearing aid companies. I learned the hard way that I had to learn what I needed. The current person I use for hearing aid information is not an audiologist but rather a product specialist in all makes of hearing aids. He has been the most honest, in my humble opinion.
Since receiving a CI in 2016, I discovered that CI audiologists are the same with only one company's products information. My struggle for helpful CI information was rocky until I found my "fit" at UVA-Charlottesville. Although it is a two-hour drive, it is easy to get an appointment. Best part-this CI audiologist listens and responses to my questions with timely followthrough. When my CI isn't working properly, we problem-solve together and find solutions that take several appointments.

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