Dealing with side effects of Filgrastim (Neupogen) injection: Tips?

Posted by pcallier @pcallier, Nov 3, 2022

Just finished take home drip chemotherapy, session went well.
Then I took the Filgrastim injection and I’m cold and tired and in a

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Welcome @pcallier. I'm glad to hear that the chemo at home went well. Did you have an infusion at the hospital and then a 48 hour pump at home?

It's frustrating when the drug meant to help the effects of chemotherapy on your white blood cells gives you side effects. Coldness and chills are common side effects of filgrastim (Neupogen). Fatigue and brain fog could be the chemo and/or the filgrastim.

@loribmt shares some really helpful tips to @rrivory in this related discussion that you may also appreciate.

- Use of Neupogen (or similar) prior to minor surgery

pcallier, did you report your symptoms to your symptom management nurse?


I did have infusion @ the cancer center and the 48 hr pump @ home.
I did report side effects to the nurse. I stayed in bed all day after taking the shot. Im usually a very active person. This shot is a bit much. Brain fog,tired and energless.TY for your response

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