Filamentary keratitis

Posted by laurasb @laurasb, Apr 16, 2022

Has anyone had any success treating filamentary keratitis? If so, what has worked ? And names of doctors and sources of information that have been useful?

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Hello @laurasb and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It is great to see you reaching out to learn from others and their experiences.

@merlini shared some information in the discussion I've linked below that may be helpful, and if they have their notifications on, they may be able to join you to share an update with how treatment has been going.

Comment from @merlini:

In addition, I wanted to share the following information that you may find helpful as well.


When were you diagnosed?


I use Mucomyst eye drops. Acetylcysteine is a mucolytic (medicine that destroys or dissolves mucus). It is usually given by inhalation but may be given in other ways in a hospital.

I have to have it made at a compounding pharmacy. It comes frozen, and once defrosted, it’s only good for 30 days. I’ve used for 2 episodes of
filamentary keratitis. I see a cornea specialist at UT Knoxville. I wish you well.

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