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Fibromyalgia Scoliosis Arthritis

Posted by @fibrosufferer in Just Want to Talk, Nov 22, 2011

I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2004 and in June of 2011 was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with arthritis in my hands, back and feet.
I am a homemaker (because I can not hold a job due to the pain) with 3 children, 10 years, 8 years and a 13 month old that just started walking and getting into things πŸ™‚ I can not "call in" sick to this job!! So I need to find something to help me!!!
I have seen 4 rheumatologists, a hematologist (due to abnormal platelet level not linked to hemaphelia) a pain management clinic where I recieved 2 injections ( that DID NOT help) and have taken Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella all suppose to help fibro and they did NOTHING for me!! πŸ™
I have found that Vicodin is the only thing I can take that helps me! I can't find a doc who will use this as treatment πŸ™
I have tried exercise ( I just hurt more later)
I have tried physical therapy ( didnt work)
I have a tens unit that I can only use while sitting still due to the fact it "shocks" me when I tighten my muscles to move.
I'm really depressed and don't know what to do!
Please...any info that anyone is willing to share is much appreciated!! Thank you

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Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 22, 2011

Oh and I forgot to add how completely irritating it is to be told " you don't look sick!"
I want to respond with " well you don't look stupid!" but out of respect, I don't

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Posted by @texasbarb, Nov 23, 2011

this is my first time on this web.....I, too have hurt for years! About 30 years. And no doctor has ever helped me, except one. She would give me cortisone shots and prednisone to take, with pain meds. Now, I don't have her anymore and my new doctor refused to give me any pain meds. So, finally I went into Houston to the Medical Center (3 days ago) and was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. He gave me Ultram 100mg to help with the pain. I have taken it ....and the pain is still with me, although I feel like ... maybe.... I feel a little bit better. If I don't get better in a week, I am going to ask him to up the dosage to 150mg or 200mg of the Ultram.
He also advised me to "Exercise" like in a never give up. I have to keep on trying to exercise, because I am losing my muscle tones and really looking bad.
Do you exercise any on a regular basis? You are so much younger than me.....but I understand your pain. Maybe a chiropractor can help, too. There is One Thing that I use that really helps pain. I get it off the internet. It is called FUSE. It is an ointment you rub on the hurting areas. I can promise really helps!! Hope it will help you, too!!


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 26, 2011

Thank you!!
I have tried ultram as results...I'm willing to try almost anything to stop the pain! I will definately try it and get back with you πŸ™‚


Posted by @tiredofpain, Nov 26, 2011

How long have you had fibromyalgia? How severe is your case? If I ask a question please feel free to tell me you don't want to answer the question. I first went to Mayo Dec. 29,2010 and met with Dr. Wang the rheumatologist and had blood work done. I had seen a rheumatologist in South Carolina where I live and saw him for a year and a half he did not do the normal blood work that should be done when someone is complaining of joint pain. I went back to Mayo(Jacksonville) in February on the 9 and 10. I saw Dr. Wang on the 10th which happened to be my 40th birthday when he gave me my results which are: Fibromyalgia/ Central Sensitization Syndrome, Baker's Cyst(already knew about this), Depression, low iron, low calcium, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome with chronic diffuse myofascial pain which signs started showing about 4 1/2 yrs ago and would ask every doctor I ever saw even my ob-gyn if they could think of why I was having this pain, just in my elbows and knees. Finally after wasting all that money seeing a rheumatologist and him telling me there was nothing else he could do for me I went to my family physician and told him if he did not send me somewhere that could tell me why I was having so much pain then the next time he saw me I would have nothing below my elbows and nothing below my knees and he said the only thing I know to do is to send you to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. By this time I am already on a Duragesic (Fentanyl) 50 mcg patch. I wish I would have gone years earlier because Dr. Wang said my pain would not be as bad as it is and I would still be able to work. I am a certified pharmacy technician, but I had gotten my Emergency Medical Technician license as a Basic, and right after I got my wonderful birthday diagnosis I had just finished taking an EMT-I 85 class which is a step up from a basic. I still have one test to take but since my diagnosis I have not been able to focus enough. I have taken it one time and I get two more chances but I have to get a handle on everything else that is going on in my life right now before I go test again because I don't want to fail again I don't think I could handle the disappointment.. That is basically my story would love to hear yours as long as you feel comfortable talking about it. Dr. Wang suggested that I see a counselor which I am but I think talking to someone that is possibly dealing with the same thing I am will be a bonus. Can't wait to hear back from you.
Danielle Mixon


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 26, 2011

I was diagnosed with fibro June 29, 2011
I have had chronic pain for 14plus years...I'm losing grip in my hands.
I have not been diagnosed with ra but I think that's what Im dealing with.
I have seen soo many doctors that I can hardly keep them all straight.
I was scheduled for a MRI but had to cancel appointment due to the fact my insurance will not cover all of will cost me 650$ out of pocket...which due to all the co pays I had with all my appointments... I cannot afford to do this at this time.
I have pretty much given up on finding seems all the doctors I've seen have not helped me..they have been very discouraging and make me feel like I'm crazy! One pain clinic told me to see a shrink and that there wasn't anything g physically wrong with me...haha..they didn't run any tests just a physical by touch...Wth?!?! It's soooo frustrating as this has really made my life very difficult!!!
Would love to keep in touch
Feel free to email me directly
Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚


Posted by @sandrabhn586, Nov 27, 2011

Hello, I'am presently in horrible pain, I cannot grip and hands got red and swollen
doctor thought it was an infection it came on one hand and then swelling would go down and go to the other hand. The doctor put me on antibiodicts and it goes away
then comes back. He took blood work for gout and test came back no gout. I now have horrible pain in my muscles and its hard for me to walk or try to pull myself out of bed or do anything that involves my muscles. I have always been a healthy person up until now. I don't know why this is happening to me. It even went into my
jaw. I was thinking it was my teeth and have an appointment with my dentist on
monday. My memory is not like it used to be and I'am getting so tired of this. I wake up in the middle of the night with pain. It has affected my whole life. Does any of this sound like what you have been experiencing? I'am also going to have blood work done on Monday to check for RA.


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 27, 2011

It sounds alot like what I'm going through...most of my pain is in my back though.
I was told be a dr that 30% of people with ra end up being diagnosed clinically not through bloodwork bc I guess it's not always apparent πŸ™


Posted by @tiredofpain, Nov 27, 2011

are you currently seeing a doctor at Mayo? Right now I am trying to get on disability to try to help financially. To tell you the truth when I was diagnosed I told my husband just to go ahead and put me in the ground.


Posted by @workhorse1, Nov 28, 2011

I tried telling my husband to just shoot me and put me out of my misery. He just flatly refused. I wonder why? πŸ™‚

What is the difference between the docs at Mayo and other docs (pain management, rheumatologists, neurologists, etc)?

My knuckles feel like someone is putting hot pokers into the center of the knuckles.

One thing I did notice: body parts I had previously hurt very badly seem to hurt more: hurt my back at 13 years old - main location of pain, left knee - smashed on a rock driveway, knuckles - from punching, wrists - from typing.

Has anyone noticed the same: previously hurt locations seem to hurt more?


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 29, 2011

I told my husband the same! πŸ™
I have noticed VERY MUCH that old injuries (which I have a lot of!) hurt more now...well a change over the years. But I've been in THE MOST pain since I had my last child and during pregnancy even πŸ™ she is 13 months old

After having a nervous breakdown at the beginning of December and being hospitalized for a week. I am now getting the medical care and treatment that I have been looking for!!!
I am driving 2 hours one way to get it, but I finally found the doc that is AWESOME and willing to listen and she is very thorough and I am very confident that I am in the right hands FINALLY!! My pain in now being managed by taking Nurotin...600mg a day...Tramadol...and a few other non narcotic glad that I'm not having to take Vicodin to live through the day..although I know If I had the Vicodin I wouldn't feel much pain at all, but at least I can tollerate the pain most of the time now. I also am very aware that my emotions are linked to my pain...when I get upset my pain increases IMMENSELY so I try deep breathing and to stay calm..I know it will take so time to make this a reaction so I don't even have to think about it...but it will be well worth it!!
Thank you all for sharing your story and giving your advice!! It's so "nice" to know I'm not alone in this πŸ™‚
My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you all!!! <3

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Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 29, 2011

No I'm not seeing ANY doc right now...I'm mad and frustrated with doctors that I've seen so I'm taking a break!! πŸ™


Posted by @workhorse1, Nov 28, 2011

Hi, Tiffany,

Please what ever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP! Please read my post through to the end and if you want, please contact me directly but there is hope! There has to be. The one thing I am sure of is having support is very important. You have support through the community and now through me. :)

I am new to this community and am in the same boat as many of the stories I am reading. Pain started 2 years ago, after lifting a 40 lb bag of wood pellets. Like you and many others I spent thousands over the last 2 years on co-pays, Insurance deductibles payments, internet purchases promising pain relief (none worked), and every med the doctor said would work but to no avail (my closet is a mini pharmacy of unusable meds).

After doing a great deal of research, I finally went to a neurologist who sent me for a spinal tap and in-depth blood work. The blood work ruled out: MS and Lymes Disease, which left Fibromyalgia. I am going back to the neurologist tomorrow so I started doing more research on fibro and found the Mayo Clinic, who has a great deal of info (, which has helped a bit - not with the pain but with understanding what is happening to me and reminding me that the mind is definitely a valuable tool for us! The 1 thing I have learned over the last 2 years is the mind cannot focus on 2 things at the same time. For example: pain and happiness. The link above provides some valuable info on reducing the level of pain and the sadness the pain causes: reduce stress, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, pace yourself, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You have the link so you can read the details but basically the info is: give yourself a break! Don't stress about finding a cure as none exists. Instead find ways to deal with the condition and do not let depression sink in too deeply or the pain wins! Don't let the pain win! If you start to get down in the dumps, find something to make you smile! (Today, for the first time in probably 24-30 years, I watched the Smurfs! It made me laugh, which reduced the pain for a little while.) Find something positive and concentrate on it. I found the following quote the other day and it is VERY true: "Nobody can hurt me without my permission" Gandi

Unfortunately, the conditions we have do not have cures but we have to find a way to stop thinking about how horrible we feel and think about how lucky we are the condition is not worse! Please don't get me wrong, I am in pain all day and night, take 9 pills in the AM and again at night with 7 pills every 4 hours and the pain is still there, which is why the research to find other ways to assist in relieving the pain because the meds do not work. I only sleep 1-2 hours at a shot and my life is mainly spent in my living room because it hurts to drive or ride in a vehicle. However, when I started thinking about suicide, I realized I cannot alow the pain to reduce me to tears and suicide! Life is too precious and I cannot allow the pain to win!

My life's passions are my men (hubby, Vin, and son, Vinny), gardening and flowers, and helping others. NE Pennsylvania is not conducive for gardening at the end of November so I bought myself a beautiful purple Cyclamen the other day as a reminder that eventhough I am in pain, life still has a great deal of beautiful things to offer! Over the last couple of days, I spent a large amount of time with my loved ones to remind myself that happiness and support surround me. I have started reminding myself to think positively instead of negatively. For instance, instead of: "OMG, I hurt so bad right now!" I have started to say, "OK, I hurt, but it could be worse!" After reading the info on the Mayo Clinic site, I started some very simple breathing exercises, which increases the level of oxygen in the blood which gets the blood moving and does reduces the the pain! Tomorrow, I am going to search for my Yoga for beginners DVD as studies have shown that yoga is good for increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and strengthening the core muscles.

If we change our ways of thinking to see what we can do to help ourselves: not try to lift the 40 lb bag of pellets because of the after pain or retrain our thoughts to be more positive instead of negative, we can reduce at least some of the pain.

If you want to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out - cell also has text: 570807-2463.

I'll check back as I know that even though today I am in a positive mood, tomorrow may be different!

Just a bit more backround: I will be 40 on February 18th, happily married, have 1 son, work full time, and go to school full time (University of Phoenix Online) with a 3.87 GPA.


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 29, 2011

I just found this! I must have overlooked it. Sorry! πŸ™‚ I saved your number..thank you so much for reaching out to me! I'd love to text you someday soon πŸ™‚ when is the best time for you??


Posted by @willow542000, May 19, 2012

PS, thank you WorkHorse 1 for mentioning the breathing for help with pain. I do deep breathing techniques for pain about 5 times a day. Breathe in deep through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. It's amazing what all this helps, even Panic Attacks!


Posted by @willow542000, May 19, 2012

Back in the olden, when I first went to a Dr for my pain,he told me I needed to go see a psych because there was no such thing as Fibro. I told him he could go see a psych for not believing that people were actually suffering from Fibrocytis(that's what they called in the olden days). !! I really have to stress how much excercise helps. Sure it hurts as you're doing it, but the pain from the excercises and the Fibro is helped for maybe 3-4 hours, then it's do it all again. That's why I see no sense in going to a Chiropractor, all that money because I'd have to go 4-5 times a day to stay out of pain! The reason the Dr touched you is there are 19 Trigger points on your body that are painful to the touch. That's about the only way Fibro can be diagnosed. I hope you find some freedom from the pain.


Posted by @workhorse1, Nov 28, 2011

I went through PT and unfortunately, cannot do the exercises because they hurt too much (even the stretching exercises hurt!) I have heard that yoga does help and improves the core muscles, have you tried yoga and if yes, how was it?

I have not had Ultram but what about Cymbalta? I have been taking it for years and recently increased the dosage for the fibro. Without it, the pain is unbearable. From the quick research I just did, others say that Ultram is like baby aspirin. The one warning about Cymbalta: it's hard to sleep because Cymbalta affects the serotonin levels in your brain so if possible, take it in the morning. My mother just started 10 mg for her diabetic neuropathy and it is helping. Just a suggestion, I am not a pharmaceutical rep, just been on way too many different meds over the last 2 years! :)

Oxycontin - didn't do anything for me
Percocet - Didn't do anything for me
Opana Instant release (Oxymorphone)- makes you feel very dopey and just want to sleep, does reduce the pain level. Currently taking on "as needed" basis, probably 5-7 times per week.
Opana ER (Extended Release) - I don't feel any side effects, currently taking twice a day.
Cymbalta - I LOVE! Just don't think it is the right med for my level of pain but if you have low seritonin levels, Cymbalta ROCKS! Currently taking twice a day.
Deplin - Helps Cymbalta cross the walls in the brain. Similar to folic acid when pregnant. Currently taking twice per day.

Please let me know your thoughts about the yoga.



Posted by @workhorse1, Nov 28, 2011

Hi, Barb,

I looked for FUSE Ointment but could not find it. Could you please provide where you found it on the internet? Would truly appreciate it!


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Posted by @tamra, Jan 3, 2012

I have been had anemia since high school, chronic neck pain and left shoulder pain since August 30th of 2000 from a car accident, kidney disease since 2004 (I had enclampsia with my 4th and last child in 2000. My immune system hasn't been the same since), Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since about 2005. I use to love excercising, staying active with my kids, working, I loved life! In 2006 my body became extremely wore down after my husband walked out at the end of 2004, my mom died in 2005, 7mo. after she died I was dealing with a custody battle, and a rebellious teen that I was praying would live to see adulthood. I say all that to explain that I understand pain, fatigue and stress to the max! I have had doctors say I'm too young, I have heard the same line you have too, still do, "You don't look sick" while they have this look that I must be doing better, when I have progressively gotten worse with time. I know they mean well because they love me, but it can be disheartening, because it makes me feel like they just don't get it! My usual reply is to say" thank you, I'm glad I don't look sick", while I politely smile. I can pull it together for a couple of hours and put on my game face, but I'm done after 2 or 3 hrs out of the day. I take vicodine for the pain. I have taken the same dose for 11 yrs. and I take the 3 pills I'm perscribed for the day. Even with such a large medical file I had to be persistant and keep going back to the doctor to get that 3rd pill after being in nearly constant pain for the last 7 years! Doctors or so worried about addiction they would rather let you suffer and try every other med out there first rather than give you what YOU know what works. Mean while people with our condition suffer. I know they're not all like that because I had a fairly good doctor, but when she left I got stuck with a P.A. that wasn't listening and I was losing hope and feeling disrespected as a human being, so I quit that company completely and went to a different one. I explained to the new doctor that I know my body after years of being sick. I know my lab #'s, I know my pain level, I know when stress is affecting me worse, and I know I'm not addicted because I don't think about my meds unless I'm hurting which of course is anytime I'm active, but my dose is the same dose as when I first started taking it, plus there are 24 hrs in a day, 2 pills are not cutting it. I use to cry from miserableness at the end of the day, that 1 more pain reliever helps make it tolerable. I always have about 3 to 4 days left of medicine when it's due to be refilled unless I have had an episode where the pain is beyond keeping it controlled, then I have to take more, that hasn't happened in a few months. I also explained I have taken every medicine they recommended! Cymbalta, Lyrica, and several others. Some gave me weird thoughts, NOT cool! I quit those immediately! The Cymbalta worked for the pain and anxiety, but it also made me gain weight. After a couple of yrs of being on it, and then going off, I lost weight and my blood pressure came down to normal. High blood pressure can shut my kidney's down. I can't take anything else at this point that I'm aware of.- I am so frustrated with the medical community, it makes me sick. They need to listen to their patients and quit assuming they know best for every person. They're human and make mistakes daily just like us. When I saw your original message my heart went out to you because my oldest daughter who is 22 now has mild scoliosis, degenerative disc disease in her neck, she get's migrains daily, and she aches all over at this point. She has a 14 mo. old boy too, so she can't always rest like she needs to. She is also having trouble finding a solution to her pain issues. My suggestion to you is to be persistant in finding a doctor that will listen to you, even if you have to find a different one. (As exhausting as that is). Also avoid foods that cause inflammation. I was feeling better when we were eating organic, I was avoiding soda, and junk food. In general you feel better. Magnesium, calcium, and vit. B is suppose to help with inflammation and stress. My husband and I started researching vitamins and organic foods, as well as people who have had similar issues have shared with us what works for them. Some of them said excercise helps them, but I crash when I excercise. However speaking from experience, pushing through the pain and miserableness does help keep your muscles from deteriating. I found that out last year the hard way. I hope you find what you need to help you in your situation. I know our bodies don't react the same to everything, so you have to find what works for you and don't give up on finding a doctor that will have compassion for your pain and give you the right pain reliever.


Posted by @fibrosufferer, Jan 5, 2012

Thank you so much for sharing!! I appreciate all that you've been through and all of your advice!! I think I found a doc who can finally help me...we will see πŸ™‚


Posted by @powerofpositive, Nov 22, 2011

yes. the comment STILL blows me away at this point in thing comming from a clueles person, quite another comming from a provider. i was told that for over 3 years..demanded referrals and was treated as if i was just another 50 something middleaged woman....and you know how they complain... i told her i don't fit the fibro tag she stuck me many old injuries...symptoms didn't match...well the skinny is i have multiple auto immune disorders...soup to nuts..
you have a busy life with small children. it's good to keep moving as much as possible. but when they have down time so should you...a wee bit of pampering has theraputic effects. A nice hot bath, heat pads...even for just a few mins can be just enough to make the next hour bearable. have they screened you for other auto immune disorders? often they come in clusters it seems..
i reply to those "thoughtful" comments with " it's difficult for people to begin to understand how this illness can be so painful when you can't see it from the outside. sometimes as weird as it sounds it would be easier for people like me if there was some easy identifiable "mark" to give others a clue....but we don't because it is on the inside. i marvel at times how rude and insensitive seemingly intellegent people are breath takingly ignorant, cruel or both. That usually shuts them up or opens the conversation up for further discussion........
take a little time for yourself....enlist family or friends and do for yourself, ..just you...when you can. it is good not just for your body but your soul also. hope you have lighter days ahead.

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Posted by @willow542000, May 19, 2012

Well excuted thoughts and right on the money about even Drs who will comment "well I don't believe in Fibro"! I am always respectful, but reply, "if you had to live in my body or someone elses with Fibro, you would change your mind in a hurry"! I have found that mild excercise does wonders for Fibro. Mine is mostly in my head, neck and shoulders. After I get over Thyroid Surgery and a concussion(one of my meds did not mix with the Synthroid), I'm going back to those excercises. It's just the rolling the shoulders, arms outstretched and then press against your hand up against your head. Those 3 simple excercises work wonders for about 3 hours if you're lucky. It's painful then, but after about 5 minutes the pain from the excercises goes away along with the Fibro pain. Sometimes, I'm so stiff to even get up out of the chair takes an all out effort. I have started walking on a friends Treadmill and riding the stationary bike. I thought surely this would kill me re the pain, but actually it is making my lower extremeties much more loose. I can't walk on the sidewalk, it causes a lot of pain and I can't walk even 1/2 mile without bad pain, but on the treadmill, I honestly have no pain. I love your remark, "you don't look stupid either"! Have a good and pain free day if possible!


Posted by @rajan, Dec 13, 2011

I was told that I have severe osteoporosis about 9 years back. I was told that I will have to take calcium and vitamin D3 for life. I did not take for more than 60 days in first 2 years when I was trying to learn the basics of health on internet. After that I stopped all calcium and D3 and other diet related aspects. Nothing works for more than 7 days. Today I am completely pain free person. I have some experience and my own personal theories about diseases. Usually I am able to relieve a person of new found pain in a matter of 24 to 48 hours. Except the accident related.

During last 7 to 8 years I have been experimenting with drinking water and other fluids.

I have experience with a wide range of conditions - renal failure, disc issues, IBS, stomach pains, tingling, dry skin, Mouth ulcers, Blood clots, Prostate, sinus, cold and cough, cancer patients etc.

I have learnt through years as under -

One should drink water 1 hour before lunch and dinner. Restrict the water intake to 2 glasses a day. No other liquids during 24 hours. For diseased person suffering from any painful conditions including cancer - one should give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours to be followed by next 24 hours of 2 to 3 glasses of water in 24 hours. The water fast should be done once in 7 days. But as the condition improves one can do it on alternate days.

People doing water fast on alternate days should make sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of ater once in 7 to 10 days.

Another sure shot solution to all pain related issues is -

Eat moderately on the previous day evening.

Next day morning after toilet - start drinking water and salt (1/4 ro 1/2 small spoon). Aim to drink 4 to 6 glasses during the entire day. Do not eat anything during the whole 24 hours. During this period the pain may increase. In that case limit ur water and salt intake to 1 or 2 glasses less say 3 to 5 glasses.

Next day morning stop all liquid intakes including water. Eat solid foods during the 24 hours period. But no water or liquid intake. No fruits or other things that are supposed to have lot of water in them.

This day or the next day u should experience high urine output. By evening you should feel complete relief from pain. But the next day when u start water intake and fluid intakes the pains may come back. But over a period of time when u keep repeating the first u will feel better.

Do not repeat the salt thing more than once in 1 month. I would recommend once in 2 months only. I believe that this will normalise the blood pressure as well. But I do not have enough experience to support this. Only data I have is of my family members. We all had normal blood pressures. We are 2 + 2. We did water and salt for about 2 months. Today we all have low blood pressure. Since doing the above kind of water and salt I am experiencing normal blood pressure or 80/120. Earlier it used to be 70/110.

I have only one experience to share on disc related matters - A person with disc lock / slip disc condition aged 55 years in March 2009 was advised to give up food as well as all liquids for 48 hours and to lie in the same condition (he was unable to move an inch. He could not lie on his side as well). He was constipated for a long time. In 12 hours he was on his feet. But he was advised to lie down and complete 48 hours. After 48 hours he was supposed to get his bowels cleared to join the office. Today after more than 32 months later he has not taken a single day off from his office. His real brother had 2 surgeries of his spine and is usually bed ridden.

I had 1 more previous experience with this person. He had terribly cracked heals. That was about 5 years before the above condition. I told him to start drinking 1 glass of water every hour. In next 15 days his heals were as good as his palms. I mean there was not even remote signs of cracks. He continued the same water drinking pattern and after 30 days the cracks were worse then before.

So after the slip disc experience I have advised this person to be without water for at least once in 1 month. But he does not do. But his heals are much better now. But not as perfect as it happened during the second experience.

Feel free to ask or share ur experience. Do not worry about respecting me. U can use the worst words for me if it back fire. But do it at ur risk. Legally I should say do the above under medical supervision.

I must add - Today I can smash the cemented wall with my nuckles with full force at least 50 times without feeling any pain.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 13, 2011

have you tried MSM a metasulphhate over the counter at the pharmacy. my feet had collapsed after my 3rd child and i couldn't walk a block with the pain. this completely cured me and brought back my very high energy level. today i no longer take it, i took it for 2 yrs. today i take vitD and capsule of acai berry every day. good luck.


Posted by @lovespiglet, Dec 28, 2011

Have you tried alternative medicine? My chiropractor recommended some OTC medicines. They didn't really help me, but I understand they are very helpful to some. Also, what about acupuncture? I am getting ready to try that because I'm tired of hurting, too, and I've only officially had this lousy disease for 1 year. Also, anyone out there, what is your experience with Prednisone? I've just been put on it for a sinus infection, and tonight I'm in so much pain I just want to cry. I'm trying to determine if it's the medicine, or the sudden cold snap. Any thoughts on this are appreciated. Hang in there Fibro-sufferer... don't give up hope. We're all with you!


Posted by @missysue, Dec 28, 2011

prednisone is a steroid and a serious drug! hopfully your on a antibiodic for inf. soak in very warm water for fibro if poss.

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Posted by @anon22107581, Feb 2, 2012

I feel your pain. I have back neck leg issues everybody is telling me to loose weight I am fatigue all the time I have chronic illness I have hope that god will help me deal with my pain I have done massages physical theraphy chiropractor sign up gym to ease my pain my 12 year old is helping me to survive for my chronic illness I'm depressed and have anxiety issues but I do beleive in god that he will help us all just pray. Everyday. Take care!

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