fibromyalgia pain

Posted by clownscrytoo @clownscrytoo, Oct 22, 2016

Is there anyone here that suffers from fibro? I had the ‘tender spot test’ several years ago and I had 17 out of the 18. I try my hardest to get through the pain with my 4 hydrocodone/acetaminaphine pills a day, Tiger Balm rubbed into areas that are the worst, light exercises, and distracting myself with hobbies or chores, etc; but there are many occasions where none of that helps and I spend most of the day holding down the couch, getting up about 30-45 minutes after that, walking/standing around the house for 15-20 minutes, or sitting for about 15-30 min. I do not drive and my husband works 6 days a week, overtime almost every day, so I’m alone a lot. my wonderful husband is very supportive and I am very grateful for that, but my only other friends are online, out of state, and I will probably never even get to meet them. when extreme pain takes over, my depression takes over and it is so difficult to find hope. does anyone have tips for fibro, whether diet or over-the-counter meds (I’ve tried them all, I think), or anything, besides hobbies and such? I’ve tried every over-the-counter med, and the Tiger Balm does cover some of what the pain pill doesn’t help, but I’m hoping one of our members might have some knowledge that could help. I’d really appreciate it.

@parus————I don’t understand. From where do you get bounced here and there? Karen00

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@karen00 Referring to being sent to so many doctors and the fact that I have had 3 primaries in 4 years as many are leaving do to not being allowed time with patients and other control issues. I have not fired them they relocate. Frustrating for sure.
Just deal with it I suppose.


@parus I'm at that point now my old rheumatologist left so going to new one in May hope he is more knowledgeable then last one It is frustrating .

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