Fever - infection or side effect

Posted by kzadmgt @kzadmgt, Jan 3 8:29pm

I have been on big 3 for two years for MAC lung infection. I was on amikacin inhalation (arikayce) in May and then in August. I was doing fine back then, except for mouth thrush and bleeding in the lung. I started it again a week ago. Lately I found myself had a low fever at 99.3, the fever has lasted for a week since then. I am not sure whether this is a side effect of arikayce or due to my deteriorated lung infection as I was not monitoring my temperature on a daily basis, so I am sure exact when the fever started. Has anyone using arikayce had similar experiences? And did you continue using it?

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Good Morning! Can you clarify something? When I did my Arikayce treatment, I was on it continuously for a year. Did you stop and start your treatment? And my Pulmonologist explained to me that because it is a MAC-directed medicine, it won’t stop me from getting other infection, which I did. I did not get a fever as as result of using Arikayce.

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