Fat stranding in stomach: Anyone had this?

Posted by lizhealthy1981 @lizhealthy1981, Apr 30 6:03pm

I have non Hodgkin lymphoma and resent the doctors told me he saw a fat stranding in my stomach but I am still in remission should I be worried my stomach is swollen too . He didn’t give any answers on what is a fat stranding but he’s going to do another scan in August . My stomach is swollen too but no pain . Has anyone had this before 🙏

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@lizhealthy1981, here's some information I found. "Fat stranding is a common sign seen on CT wherever fat can be found. ... Fat stranding is a non-specific sign in itself and can be seen in infectious, inflammatory, malignant, or traumatic conditions." See more here: https://radiopaedia.org/articles/fat-stranding-ct-1?lang=us

I'm glad that you have no pain. Did your doctor share with you what he suspects may be the cause? Does he expect it to resolve and therefore didn't order any further tests?


Thank you for answering my question. No he just said he saw something and he was going to do another scan , I wasn’t supposed to have one until December

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