Fasting During Chemo (with an ostomy)?

Posted by pjebp @pjebp, Dec 18, 2021

Fasting During Chemo! I've done some reading on it so I know what it can do. Would you please share with me the details of what YOU did and how it worked for YOU?

I am especially interested in hearing from people who fasted during chemo with an ILEOSTOMY! I had my second chemo yesterday. First I received infused anti-nausea medication. Next I received steroids. On the second session I also received Avastin for one recently discovered biopsied liver metastasis. Then I received oxaliplatin for about 90 minutes, then a bolus of 5FU and then go home with a pump for 48 hours.

I am icing also. Other than being a little tired and groggy on and off in the days following my first session and a little bit of pain in my jaw on the first bite, I had no other side effects from the chemo. Thank you!

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Where did you learn about this and what resources might you consider sharing for members who may want to learn more?


Hello @pjebp

Your question is interesting about fasting and chemotherapy. I did a little online research and found some studies. Unfortunately, the studies I found were all dated 2018, therefore not particularly current. Here are the links.
In addition to these studies/clinical trials, here is a link to an article from Cure Today, a free magazine with information about cancer.
Changing any aspect of nutrition should, of course, be discussed with your oncologist. Have you talked with him/her about fasting?

As Amanda, @amandajro said I would also be interested in hearing where you learned about this. If you know of more recent research, would you please post that?


I was wondering if you are doing oral icing only or are you icing hands and feet?


@pjebp, I also added your question to the Ostomy group. Did you fast before starting chemo? Is fasting intermittently a normal habit for you? If yes, what is your typical fasting routine?

@jre, a new member, is also interested in learning more about your experiences with icing. I hope you'll share more about the icing technique and what it is like.

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