Eye pain

Posted by tabitabo @tabitabo, Nov 3 3:27pm

I have started sneezing right after i wakeup in the morning.also i had my middle ear radiosurgery procedure in july after that i started neck paindoctor said that it is because of radiosurgery effect and theydo me a ultrasound of neck but all clear so they gave me pain killers and they work my neck pain go away but there is a slight swelling. Now i have severe eye pain and pressure in my eyes.sometimes i hardly open my eyes and focus on something. Is it related to ear or is ot sinus issue because right after wakeup in the morning i started sneezing kindly help me

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God Bless You. Have you been to an ENT doctor for your sneezing and eye pain? Allergies can cause sneezing and eye pain can come from sinus pressure. I question if there is something in your bedroom that you are allergic too that makes you sneeze in the morning. I can't have a lot of silk flowers, or what nots sitting around in my bedroom due to I am so allergic to dust & dust mites. Wash your sheets & pillowcases weekly in hot water. Get a pillowcase hypoallergenic cover for your pillows. If you run a ceiling fan at night, stop it for a while and see if it helps. It's crazy how we can develop different allergies later in life. Praying for you.

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