Will extra appointments or days will be added at Mayo visit?

Posted by trickey @trickey, May 25 8:48am

I'm visiting Mayo Rochester next week and wondering if it's likely they'll add additional days to my schedule. I currently have two days of appointments next week (internal medicine) and additional appointments in June and July with specialists. I'm from Minneapolis so I'm close, but I'm trying to figure out child care and wondering if anyone has knowledge or experience of additional days being added to the schedule for someone who lives so close and has specialist appointments on the calendar.??

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Additional test / days are hard to predict. After you see provider, he may order additional tests. They will try to schedule while there, but sometimes there is no availability. If it is blood tests, they will get done while there, if imaging (MRI, CT, PET scans) those are harder to schedule. If it is something that does not need to be done immediately, you can ask that they be scheduled on your return visit days. If have to be done before see specialist, that might not be an option. At Mayo, results of tests are usually available same day. When there and talking to your scheduler, let them know your situation.

Another option, if additional visit is just to talk to provider about results, you may be able to do on Tele-visit. Seeing your in MN, that might be a possibility.

Keep an eye on your portal, it will have latest information.


Laurie gives a good explanation. I too come from Minneapolis and have been going to Mayo for 2.5 years for multiple conditions. Tests are usually posted very quickly so one can see the Specialist right after. If I do the test after the visit, they may just call me. They are pretty good about scheduling things as you need. But it depends on the type of test. Also, some tests require prep.
For early morning appts or for bad weather days, I drive down the day before and stay in a hotel. If schedule allows, I drive down and back home in same day. The valet parking in Gonda building is very useful for that.


It’s always possible the physician who sees you might order more consults or tests, or if you wanted to have your specialist appointments earlier while you’re there (and if that makes sense) you can ask to be put on the wait list so if something opens up while you’re there you could get offered the appointment, but you’re free to decline it.

If more appointments or tests are ordered and even if they’re put on your schedule, if you’re not available, you can still decline it if you made other plans and reschedule for later. So basically it is possible, but there’s still some flexibility usually depending on what you’re able to do.


I'm a Rochester patient, too. We also have a Mayo Clinic, clinic and hospital in our town. Some of my tests, PET, MRI, CT and blood work can be done here locally. Sometimes the Rochester doc will want to see me and sometimes they will just read the test and communicate through the patient portal. When they suggest a test I always ask if that can be done locally. They will actually call and schedule it for me. I'm about 90 miles away.


@trickey, I hope your visit went well. Were additional appointments added? Did they involve additional days?

What tips would you recommend for others as they plan their first visit?

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