Experience with Radio Frequency Ablation procedures?

Posted by Sam65 @sam65, Sep 29, 2017

Hello. First, I should mention that this is my first post to the group.
I have had neuropathic pain issues in my feet for many years made worse by surgeries that have resulted in scar tissue that has formed around the nerves. Over the years I have become diabetic (Type 2), although, it has always been considered well controlled. However, I recently had a skin biopsy performed which indicated that I did not have the clinical definition of neuropathy since the nerve cell counts were well within normal ranges. The biopsy did show “small anoxal swellings in the epidermis and sub epidermis.” My doctor said this condition is often a forerunner of nerve cell loss and is correlated to patients experiencing burning pain. Ultrasound scans have also found scar tissue in the areas that I experience the burning nerve pain.
I am hoping to hear from anyone who has tried one of the Radio Frequency wave ablation procedures to reduce neuropathic foot pain or knows of any literature on the subject.

Hi @sam65 So glad you made your first post to ask about radio frequency ablation. There are several members here on Connect that have experience with that procedure, like @sandytoes14 @keri @dandl48 and @shellsk24. I think @johnbishop might have something to add to this discussion too.

Sam, have you checked out the neuropathy group on Connect? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/neuropathy/


Hello @sam65, I would also like to welcome you to Mayo Connect along with Colleen. There have been a few Connect members who have talked about radio frequency ablation treatment. @ladyjane85, @Margaret_Marie, @lizziemnz, @cbs61752 can you share any information about radio frequency ablation treatment?

Sam, I have peripheral neuropathy (PN) in both feet and ankles but only have the numbness. I have been able to reduce the symptoms somewhat by taking over the counter supplements which may or may not work for pain. Others taking the supplements have had good success with getting rid of the pain from PN. You can read my story in an earlier post here:



@johnbishop and @colleenyoung ,
Thanks for your quick responses and help. I will look forward to perhaps hearing from those referenced in your posts.
John-Thanks for sharing your background information and suggested posts to read.
Colleen-I took your suggestion and posted my question on the Neuropathy Group board.
I look forward to being an active member of both groups.


I would be interested in hearing what people’s experience was with the RFA procedure as I was considering the RFA for my neck facet joint pain, but I went on-line and when I started reading about the procedure and saw all the negative comments I decided to just stick to the injections since they have been working so well. I did speak about what I had read with my pain doc and he was surprised that there were so many negative comments. He was fine with continuing with the injections since they work so well for me lasting 8=9 months of pain relief. Thanks for sharing

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