Exercise during chemo

Posted by georger @georger, Feb 1, 2019

More and more research shows that exercise is vital in cancer treatment….make it a regular routine…I have a background in exercise physiology and cancer and would be happy to help anyone


@becsbuddy I currently waiting to hear from the cancer centre with a request to change oncologists.. the second one they gave me is definitely a wrong fit for me… worst than my first oncologist… I asked for a new oncologist if that is not possible I would like to go back to my first oncologist… I left my last appointment which was only my second appointment with the new oncologist with much anxiety with how the appointment went… nothing to do with results.. had to do with her demeanor and how she responded to my questions and stuff like that.. kind of too much to explain… the cancer centre was suppose to get back to me by last Friday or This past monday…and neither has happened… I have to go for my 12th chemo this coming Tuesday and will inquire as to what is going on… I feel this cancer centre is not very passionate to the cancer patients that I have seen go through there or have talked to… pretty sad… but I will continue to advocate for myself until I get the care that I deserve…
Our health care system is failing us…

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@janlanderz I’m sorry your second oncologist didn’t meet your needs.😥. But, keep advocating for yourself!

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