Eversound System

Posted by scottk @scottk, Sep 26, 2021

Anyone have any knowledge of a hearing system used in nursing homes by the name of Eversound? Just was looking at hearing loops and it sounds like an alternative system that may be less pricey.

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@scottk I had not heard of Eversound but looked it up on http://www.eversoundhq.com. It looks the same as a wireless FM or infrared system. Instead of having a receiver, you are given headphones that act as the receiver. That's fine for people that do not have hearing aids. Any receiver that requires you to take off your hearing aids is not good since the aids are tuned to your loss. All frequencies will be amplified the same and there's the risk of further damage to your hearing. If the headphones can be used with your aids without feedback, then the eversound system is probably ok. It's possible that Eversound makes a receiver neckloop that could be used for people that have a telecoil aids. I do not see this as an option though.
Tony in Michigan


Thanks Tony. I had not heard of it either.

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