Everolimus and Exemestane

Posted by jbp @jbp, Mar 26 1:06pm

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 BC one year ago with Mets to the bones and liver. A combination of Verzenio and Faslodex worked for 11 months to keep my Mets stable and shrinking. The Mets in my liver recently stopped responding to treatment and are growing so I have started taking Everolimus and Exemestane. Just wondering what others have experienced while on these drugs.

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I am here more for my mom. She was diagnosed in June of 2021 with Stage 4 BC with extensive liver mets. She was placed on Ibrance and Faslodex and it really helped her tremendously. Her CA 27.29 has played a role for her since the day of being diagnosed it was 4849 and a month later when we went for her first treatment it jumped to 9288. Her doctor stayed positive and remained that way – to this day. The lowest this number got was 150. We have never had it go up and down the way I read others do until now and it has been going up about 50 a month. for the last three months. With it being such an aggressive cancer from the get go – he has stopped her Falsodex and placed her on Exemestane with the ibrance. Of course my mom feels this is just him doing a gesture to keep her spirits up and I try to tell her that research shows this new medicine is just as much as part of a good cancer treatment plan. She has come a very long way – her CT in January showed no tumors on the liver mostly scarring – but there was some in the lobes. Her abdominal lymph nodes originally were swollen and noted as lymphatic involvement. The scan showed no swelling – nothing. I mean her liver had gotten so big it took up the entire abdominal cavity – and her liver panel/blood work was not alarming for anything they ended up finding that day. That is what shocks me. As of today herliver blood work is just as it was – goes up some some numbers go low – but nothing alarming. They were testing her for alcohol, drugs – everything and she was vomiting black substance in so much pain. Any how I came here trying to find info on this Exemestane and see how women are tolerating it. She just started this week and says she feels 40 again with the hot flashes1 lol She is about to be 77 in June and just a tough cookie. If anyone has any personal feedback on Exemesrane after Faslodex please share. OR direct me where I am not bothering you all! Ty ladies.

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