Esophageal widening seems to help with speech impediment

Posted by ltecato @ltecato, Sep 13, 2021

Okay I tried to post a longer message but the Internet ate it, so I will make this brief: I had an esophageal widening procedure last week and now I can speak a lot more clearly. I was radiated for nasopharynx ca c. 1976 and developed dysphagia c. 2002.

That’s all. No promises or guarantees but some patients might want to ask a doctor or SLP if they might benefit.

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I recently learned that my condition has its own acronym: RIES. That stands for “radiation-induced esophageal stricture.”


This is good news, @itecato and perhaps something that would interest @rlp63.

Itecato, you mentioned that you had this done. Or are you doing self-dilation of the esophagus?

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