Escitalopram and low heart rate

Posted by stoyangv @stoyangv, Mar 26 3:30am

Hello! I started taking Cipralex (Escitalopram) a week ago. Only 5mg a day - it was prescribed for panic attacks. I have noticed that my resting heart beat dropped to mid 50. I don't feel bad or dizzy though. Should I be worried? p.s. Forgot to mention that around a month ago I quit smoking.

Male, 45 y.o.

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@stoyangv Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We aren't medical professionals here and we can provide you with support and help you to advocate for yourself. May I ask what your resting heart rate was before you started on escitalopram? When do you measure your resting rate and how do you measure it? I use my Apple Watch and my primary care physician told me that while the Apple Watch isn't a reliable medical device it does give a hint of what my heart rate is and she finds this information useful in our appointments.

Did your primary care provider prescribe the escitalopram? I recommend that you contact your prescribing physician and ask about this. Your question requires a medical opinion. Do you have a patient portal to contact your physician? Or will you call your physician today?

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