Erythromelalgia: What medications or therapies have helped you?

Posted by cherman @cherman, Oct 2, 2022

Just opening for anyone to provide the helpful things they recommend for EM.

Currently only in pregabalin and cBD oil for feet.

All comments on nutrition and therapies welcomed.

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I am newly diagnosed 5 months ago and started on pentoxifylline 600mg 3x daily, Nacetyllcysteine 600mg 2x daily,gabapen 600 mg At hs, voltaren gel up to 4x daily, oxycodone for pain

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How are you doing now? I am spending most of my day on the couch because of the pain. I just read that new studies show that erythromelalgia may possibly be "a syndrome of dysfunctional vascular dynamics", so the pentoxifylline may just work for you. I just wanted to know who prescribed this for you, and is it helping to relieve your pain? Did you go to the mayo clinic? I think I might ask my primary for this to see if it will work. Stay strong. I hope you are finding some relief.


Have you tried Nephedepine. It helped me. It's a blood pressure drug that stopped the pain immediately in my feet.

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