ER+ Metastasized Mutated no longer using Estrogen

Posted by trivia @trivia, Jul 16 10:02am

Hi, Has anyone heard of ER positive cancer mutating to the point where it does not use estrogen as a growth factor any longer but some other substance like oil or fat. There is a clinical trial currently being done where they are alternating inhibiting and dosing with Estrogen on mutated cancers. It seems these are cancers that’s still in a biopsy situation reveal ER positive characteristics but continue to grow without it.

@trivia, I did some poking around on the internet about this. This published research appears to be what you're referring to namely, some estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancers may be resistant to endocrine therapy commonly used (and often successfully) for treatment. The research suggests "dysregulation of the estrogen receptor alpha gene (ESR1 ) contributes to therapeutic resistance and metastatic biology."

– ESR1 alterations and metastasis in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

Was it suggested that this may be the situation in your case?

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