Epiretinal membrane/severe vision loss after surgery

Posted by lmno20 @lmno20, Sep 17, 2020

Hi. Has anyone experienced an epiretinal membrane (ERM) with near total vision loss following eye surgery? Have any treatments helped and/or did the membrane eventually go away? I have had an ERM for almost 3 years that can't be removed because there are no edges to grasp. I haven't lost hope but feel lost since this occurence is so rare I can't get answers from my doctor. Thanks for any insight!

Hi @lmno20, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I was tempted to move your post to this discussion
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Lmno, in your case is the epiretinal membrane related to normal age related changes inside the eye or to a condition such as diabetes, retinal tears, blockage of blood vessel, inflammation or prior eye surgery?

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