Enhertu failure in HER2+ lung cancer: What next?

Posted by sboes @sboes, May 13 12:54pm

Is there anyone on here that is HER2 +, was on Enhertu but then it stopped working? If so, what was your next regimen? Thanks!

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Hi @sboes, I was just catching up, and learning, from the discussions that you had on Connect in the Fall 2021. You indeed have a rare lung cancer.
I have the ALK mutation, which is 4-5% of non-small cell lung cancers. The inhibitor that I take will one day fail me too. Those cancer cells are just too smart.
Were you experiencing symptoms, or was the progression found on a scan?
Have you had an appointment with your oncologist yet? What are they recommending? Excuse my ignorance specific to HER2+, are there other HER2+ therapies that are used for breast cancer that may apply to lung too?

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