Enchondroma, vs. Chondrosarcoma

Posted by Linda @ilovedaisies, Sep 20, 2018

Has anyone had any experience with this rare benign (enchondroma) bone tumor of the hand turning malignant (chondrosarcoma)?

Hello @ilovedaisies

I appreciate your posting this interesting question regarding enchondroma becoming malignant. I did a little research on Google and found one reference to your question from Cleveland Clinic. Here is the link, https://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/fortunately-enchondroma-lesions-are-rarely-malignant/ Please click on the link and read the information.

While the article appears to indicate that it this type of tumor does not usually become malignant that it should be watched carefully and follow up is important.

Is this type of tumor something you have been diagnosed with or are you asking for a family member or friend?

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