Empty Nose Syndrome & Rose Geranium Oil

Posted by Jim @drumline7860, Sep 1, 2020

ENS International Association reports that The Mayo Clinic offers a sesame and rose geranium oil preparation for ENS. Anyone know how to get it? Or is there a recipe available?

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Hi @drumline7860, in researching your question I discovered that the International Empty Nose Syndrome Association (ENSIA)'s website no longer exists. Do you know anything about the association's status? Have they disbanded?

I'm tagging fellow ENS sufferers on this discussion, like @jbelanger80 @bellatrac @ashleyhall @jrsigurl @healthiswealth1 @nrd1 @marinelastef to see if they have any knowledge or experience to share.

I found this information on Mayo Clinic News Network that may interest you.
– Rose geranium oil may ease common painful nasal symptoms linked to cancer treatment https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/rose-geranium-oil-may-ease-common-painful-nasal-symptoms-linked-to-cancer-treatment/

Where did you find the information about a sesame and rose geranium oil preparation for empty nose syndrome (ENS) that prompted this query? I'd like to learn more.

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