Emergency room prior to first appointment

Posted by chrisk53 @chrisk53, Oct 24, 2022

My sister has an appointment at Mayo on Thursday. Today is Monday. We are worried her brain tumors are progressing and all she’s doing is sleeping last 2 days, not eating, barely talking. She is bedridden and lost her sight. The trip to Mayo is at least 5 hours for us. My question is: can we leave today, take her straight to emergency room at Mayo ahead of schedule? Will that interfere with her appointments? We are worried sick. If we take her to emergency room here in our town, she will definitely miss her Mayo appointment.

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Hi @chrisk53, I suggest that you contact Mayo Clinic directly to let them know about your fears and your sister's deteriorating state. They may direct you to the emergency room at Mayo Clinic, but it would be better to get that information from them or to inquire if her appointment can be moved.

Do you have contact information on the communications you've received from Mayo or on the patient portal?

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