Emergency Dental Work after reverse TSR

Posted by personal @rckleinsmith, Feb 7, 2022

I have developed a dental infection that requires the removal of a tooth. However, my Ortho Surgeon refuses to okay this procedure because I am shy of 5 weeks away from completing the prohibition on such treatment. My dentist says that the infection is already in my body and put me on Clindamycin 300 Mg, 3 x daily, as well as Percocet for the pain. It is unacceptable to ask me to wait 5 weeks due to the pain level. I am also concerned that the bacteria from the infection will also have an effect. Dentist says ADA has no evidence that would stop removal of tooth. So I am now caught in the middle.

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So sorry to hear you are in such pain. When did you have your surgery? I’m kind of in the same holding pattern. I’ve got a molar that needs a root canal, intermittent pain. My ortho surgeon wants me to hold out another week or longer because then it will be three months since my knee replacement. I’m on 650 mg of amoxicillin twice daily to prevent infection. Looking into having laser root canal work to lessen the chance of infection. My regular dentist says 80 percent of root canals don’t lead to a secondary infection.
I sympathize with you. It’s a tough spot to be in. Keep me posted.


I am in the most pain I have ever felt from what I think is infection in my hip after dental work. I got my artificial hip 12 years ago. I am not finding doctors to diagnose or treat this pain.


MRI is scheduled for March 14, and aspiration is scheduled for March 11. No antibiotics or anything till then.


I know it’s late…but did you have your hip replaced?

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